Lefty's Spices, LLC Celebrate Black History Month with a Rich Culinary Heritage

A Black family's ongoing legacy of business success, culinary flavor, and resilient tradition.

Lefty's Spices, LLC, a family-owned business with roots dating back to 2007, respectively, are gearing up to celebrate Black History Month in a unique and flavorful way. This establishment, founded by Walter (Lefty) and Margaret Nash, holds a deep-seated history that started with their restaurant, Lefty's Barbecue Unlimited, Inc., in Maryland in1989 serving Southern-style cuisine, barbecue, and then the expansion of manufacturing their spices, Lefty's Spices, LLC.Walter Nash, raised in Georgia during the challenges of Jim Crow law, played a pivotal role in opening the family's restaurant. The family invites the media to explore the narrative of survival, resilience, and the legacy of both their businesses during Black History Month. Walter's wife, Margaret, hailing from Alabama, adds her touch to the culinary journey with a passion for cooking that has transcended generations.As the month approaches, the spotlight will also be on Taylor Holland, the third-generation heir, who recently graduated from college and is eager to contribute to the family legacy. Taylor, inheriting a love for cooking from her grandmother Margaret, aims to elevate Lefty's brand. The plan includes Taylor demonstrating the family's signature fry mixes, seasonings, and barbecue sauces, with Lefty himself providing guidance. 

For the Nash's, the charismatic spirit of their granddaughter becoming involved is exciting.  "We are proud of Taylor wanting to be involved in the family business," says Lefty.   "We are going to do our best with grooming her in all areas and we are looking forward to seeing what she can bring to the table."This celebration is not just about history but also the continuation of a culinary tradition that has stood the test of time. Lefty's Spices, LLC, born in 2007, endeavors to bring the down-home flavor of Southern cooking from the grocery store to your home. The brand seeks to create a sense of comfort for families across generations with products like its Fish N' Chicken Mix and BBQ Sauce.

Caribou Jade, a passionate patron of the breader, remarked in a five-star review, "Over the top!  This cannot be improved upon. I'm sure every successful restaurant uses Lefty's fish coating.  At home it's an instant winner.  If you want to be the fish fry king, this is it!  ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!"