Don’t Give Up Flavor for Lent

Lent is here and you’re probably already lamenting the loss of your usual dietary staples–giving up meat is no joke, especially when you’re a big BBQ lover–but just because you can’t eat meat doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your meals! There’s still plenty of fish and seafood to enjoy, but preparing it right is key to making satisfying meals when you’re missing your favorite dishes.                


The trick is in the seasoning: the right blend makes all the difference. If you want the right blend every time, pick up Lefty’s Spices Fish N’ Chicken Mix and say goodbye to bland Lent dishes. No more measuring and guessing–trust the mix to get the job done and taste great whenever you reach for it.                    

Lefty’s Spices Fish N’ Chicken Mix is perfect for bringing life to fish, vegetables, and pretty much anything you’re allowed to eat during Lent! Lefty’s legendary blend of spices adds the perfect balance of a savory flavor and crispy coating. If you want to turn up the heat, the mix is also available in a spicy version for a little extra Cajun Creole kick.                    

It’s also incredibly easy to use: just mix, coat, and fry or bake! This versatile batter blend is perfect for baking, pan frying, air frying, and deep frying–no matter your preferred cooking method, the Fish N’ Chicken Mix is the best choice.                    

The Fish N’ Chicken Mix is perfect for:                                                                  

●  Fish                                                                      

●  Shrimp                                                            

●  Frog legs                                                                           

●  Alligator                                                                            

●  Soft Shell Crabs                                                                            

●  Green Tomatoes                                                                          

●  Brussels sprouts                                                                         

●  Portobello                                                                     

●  Eggplant                                                              

●  & more!                                                                                             


Come the end of Lent, use The Fish N’ Chicken Mix to make the most mouth-watering, out-of-this-world fried chicken! The versatility and ease of use is unmatched.                    

This incredible Fish N’ Chicken Fry Mix has been perfected over 30 years by the folks behind the famous Lefty’s Barbecue Unlimited. After decades of serving customers that flock to the Charles County restaurant to try the incredible barbecue and fish fry, they developed a fry mix to make it easier for customers to take home the legendary Lefty’s flavor. It’s easy enough for beginner home cooks to use and knock it out of the park every single time. Customers rave about the mix:                    

"Outstanding and versatile! Fantastic seasoning for frying. I've used it on fish, chicken and even pork chops with great results. I highly recommend it. I regularly reorder and keep a bag or three in my cabinet for when we want something fried."                    

Make Lent a little easier on yourself–order online to stock up on the tried-and-true Lefty’s Spices Fish N Chicken Mix to help you get through Easter and beyond–we guarantee you’ll still be using it come the Fourth of July. It’s that good.